Our consulting services are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Here are representative examples of our approach to helping you meet your organization's performance goals.
Creating Performance-based Business Cultures
Need: To more successfully compete, you are trying to establish a single, more effective organizational culture with common core values, stronger leadership, and more line accountability.
What We Did: Industrial Firms Merger
  Enabled the respective leaders of similar technical functions to create a common, higher standard of performance, resulting in improved productivity, safety, and corporate governance.
Building Industry-Centered Teamwork
Need: A number of your internal businesses serve the same key industries, and you want to more efficiently position the company in each industry as a respected valuable resource.
What We Did: Multifaceted Global Company
  Created industry-centric "enterprises" to enhance marketing productivity across multiple strategic business units, resulting in better value chain relationships in the targeted industries and increased opportunities for the affected product lines.
Conducting Strategic Customer Accounts
Need: With opportunities to develop stronger relationships with certain large customers, you want to institute across your lines of business more disciplined key account cooperation and teaming.
What We Did: Multifaceted Global Company
  Designed an overhaul of the strategic accounts program, requiring uniform criteria for customer qualifications, numbers of accounts (Corporate, Division, Region, etc.), account manager selection, top and line leadership accountabilities, and account success factors.
Addressing Increasingly Diverse Business Leadership Challenges
Need: While coping with your current marketplace challenges, you are concerned with your organization's ability to manage change and conduct realistic long range planning.
What We Did: U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Large Operational Combat Organization
  Formed a multi-level cross-functional team to establish a unique 14 year strategic plan, defining a new target state for the mission, weapons systems, supporting infrastructure, and annual budgeted milestones.
Overcoming Leadership Accountability Anxieties & Confusion
Need: Feeling engulfed by stakeholder demands, you need help with staying more clearly focused on the nature and scope of the accountability you and your leadership team actually have.
What We Did: Large Multinational Industry and U.S. DOD Organizations
  In numerous stressful leadership and other high intensity situations, employed tailored methods to enable individuals and teams to overcome anxiety-based performance problems, regain control, and fulfill their assigned responsibilities.