Bill McCabe had an inspiring impact on DuPont's aerospace business success. He very effectively used his influence management skills with business leaders inside and outside DuPont to strengthen the Company's position as a key member of the global aerospace industry. Forming a unified aerospace market focus across multiple lines of business, he skillfully applied that synergy to help them and their key aerospace customers develop closer, more profitable relationships.
Stacy J. Mobley
Senior VP & Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
Having represented DuPont on the AIA Board of Governors for 13 years, Bill McCabe exerted an important influence on our achievements on behalf of the U.S. aerospace industry. With great skill and impact, he worked collegially with this industry's most senior leaders on matters of vital national interest. I am impressed with Bill and his leadership; he made a real difference.
John W. Douglass
President & Chief Executive Officer
Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.
The mark of an effective [aviation] safety system is its ability to constantly improve and adapt. The Independent Review Team has delivered a blueprint that will assure continued safe skies ahead for America. I personally chose Bill to review the FAA's Safety Management System, and he delivered!
The Honorable Mary E. Peters
US Secretary of Transportation
We are most thankful to William O. McCabe, the Director of the Security through Science Initiative and our USCM/DuPont team who helped us design and present "Homeland Security: Mayors on the Frontline, A Survey of Emergency Response and Preparedness in U.S. Cities."  The survey put us on the front page of the USA Today twice and it will become a benchmark as we go forward to determine what is needed to make our cities and indeed our nation more safe and secure. (June 2002)
Tom Cochran
CEO & Executive Director
The United States Conference of Mayors
I worked with Bill when he led DuPont's Aerospace Enterprise, the first of its kind in the company and a trailblazing initiative to knit together all the parts of the company focused on this industry. In that role, Bill was a charismatic leader - able to work outside and between the normal boundaries of business units, and find/connect/engage leaders inside those business units as well as in our customer companies in a way that brought new opportunities to DuPont. He was also an articulate spokesman with senior executives, government leaders at all levels, and the press. He is also a lot of fun!
Nancy Tidona
Communications Director, DuPont
Bill McCabe, friend, colleague, and mentor… reinforced my courage to take one of the biggest steps of my life by providing a successful model to follow.
Peter L. King
Lean for the Process Industries: Dealing With Complexity   CRC Press, 2009 (page xvi)